DNS Tools

DNS Lookup

Performs a Lookup on any host with the set querytype.

DNS Traversal

Checks a domain's parent DNS servers for traversal errors.

DNS Tracer (DNS Traceroute)

Determines where a DNS Server gets it's info by 'tracing' a request back to the DNS source.

DNS Blacklist Check (arbl)

Checks an IP or Host Name against DNS Blacklists

DNS Recon

Determines information about your network via DNS queries (DNS reconnaissance test).

Reverse DNS Lookup / Scan

Checks the Reverse DNS on an IP, or subnet of IP's.

DNS Server Fingerprint

Gives fingerprint info about a domain's DNS Servers.

Network / Internet Tools

Port Scan (nmap)

Scans an IP/Host for open ports and returns a list. (Due to policies single host only allowed)

Trace Route

Trace routes packets to a domain/ip. (traceroute)


Determines MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) of a link.

NetBIOS Scan/Check

Checks an IP/Host for open NetBIOS name-servers.

Wake On Lan

Sends a Wake On Lan Packet to test a WOL system.

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CIDR/Netmask Calculator

Calculates CIDR ranges & subnet information.

NTP Server Test

Tests a NTP Server, and returns its results.

MX Records Retriever

Returns the MX Records of a email or Domain Name.

Web / HTTP Tools

SSL Certificate Info

Returns ssl information from a website's SSL certificate.

HTTP Header Retrieval

Returns the HTTP Header of from a web server.

Plain Text WEB/URL Browser

Converts normal website pages into a plain text output.

HTTPRecon (HTTP Fingerprinting)

Performs a vulnerability / fingerprint test on a HTTP host.

Meta Tags Retriever

Retrieves Meta Tags from a html webpage

URL Encode / Decode

Encodes or Decodes a URL using Percent (%) Encoding.

RAW URL Encode / Decode

Encodes or Decodes a URL using Percent (%) Encoding.

Base64 Encode / Decode

Encodes or Decodes the given data with base64.

Database Lookups

RFC Lookup

Searches w3dt's RFC Database for an RFC, & displays it.

MAC Address Lookup

Lookup any MAC Address / Hardware Vendor.

Default Password Lookup

Default Password lookup for hardware / software device.

Abuse Contact Lookup

Finds abuse contact(s) for a domain.

IP/Host Locater

Performs a lookup on a IP/Host and displays it on a map.

WhoIS Lookup

Performs a WHOIS lookup on a domain/ip.

General Tools

Random Character Generator

Generates strings of random characters for security use.

Chrs: Lines:
IP Conversion Utility

Converts IP Addresses to and from several formats.

Ping Tools


Shows duration for packets to reach a domain/ip.


Combines the functionality of Ping with Traceroute.


Pings a server on a specific port using TCP/IP.


Pings a host with byte sizes in increments of two times the size of the last increment.