So, what's all the fuss about??

W3dt.Net (short for World Wide Web Domain Tools) is an online network troubleshooting site dedicated to providing relevant real-time data regarding networks, websites and other technical resources. First launched in 2008, W3dt.Net has grown to become one of the most popular collections of domain tools currently available online at no cost.

When troubleshooting network or DNS problems related to your website, server or other online services, it can be very useful to have access to online tools that can help you identify the problems. The useful free tools found at here W3dt.Net can help you quickly and accurately monitor, analyze, diagnose and resolve your network and domain issues.

Frustrated by the slow and poorly laid out tools offered by other websites, we decided it was time to build something better so that administrators and IT people alike could get faster access to the information they need. Our tools are useful to folk such as systems & network administrators, developers, domainers, webmasters, internet marketers, or anyone simply needing easy access to real-time network and DNS information.

We've designed our tools for speed, accessibility and clarity unlike any other existing domain tools site which is why thousands of users around the world keep coming back to us each and every day. We understand that people don't want unnecessary functionality or marketing getting in their way - they want to spend a few seconds running their query, get the information they need and then go on with their business. At W3dt.Net you won't find anything that is put there to slow you down.

Powered by AWS, the new version of W3dt.Net launched in September 2013. The new W3dt.Net V3 featured a total rework of the UI utilising the latest html5 technologies such as browser caching, websockets, and more. By adopting the best of the latest technologies and taking a holistic approach to development, we are able to set major performance benchmarks previously unseen by the domain tools populous. In other words, W3dt.Net V3 (at the time of writing) is unlike anything you've ever seen before...

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